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Improving Education Outcomes – Case Study Learning

By AVPN Academy



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03 May 2023



03 May 2023


About this event

There is a crisis in education: while children are attending schools, they are not necessarily learning. Only half of education interventions in low and middle-income countries were found to have an impact on learning outcomes (Lee, 2021). Without significant improvements in learning (e.g. proficiency in reading and maths), children will be denied basic skills, posing a grave threat on their future to lead productive and fulfilling lives as members of society as well as contribute to economic growth. To address this, there is a need to utilise innovative funding models that incentivise learning outcomes and give priority over inputs and activities that do not link to outcomes.

Analyze an outcomes-based financing approach to this problem and think of new solutions by joining Improving Education Outcomes. This is the first of three Case Study Learning sessions supported by UBS Optimus Foundation where you can deepen your understanding of complex social and environmental problems to come up with innovative social finance solutions alongside peers, and under the guidance of experts and practitioners.


Dr. Arushi Terway
Researcher and Educator,
Innovative Financing for Education

Arushi Terway has examined innovative financing for education for the last ten years through an evidence-based approach. She has conducted research on the conceptualisation to implementation of complex innovative financing mechanisms within the education sector that aim to bring equitable quality education to all.

She also serves as the Private Sector Approaches in education research lead at NORRAG where she has built a portfolio of knowledge products on innovative financing for education in achieving more and better financing for education in marginalised communities in developing countries. She also serves as the Lecturer for the Masters course and the Academic Director for the Executive Education Certificate course on Innovative Financing for Education at the Geneva Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies. For over 16 years, she has worked on education policy, planning, and development at global organisations like the World Bank, GPE, USAID, SDC, IPNED, FHI360, OSF and R4D.


What is the Social Finance Centre (SFC) Case Study Learning?

SFC Case Study Learning is a series of interactive online case-study discussions that will deepen your understanding of complex social and environmental problems, and come up with innovative social finance solutions.

What are the benefits of joining the session?

  • Analyse a social challenge and its social finance solutions
  • Ideate a new solution or improve on existing ones
  • Seek advice from experts in a virtual lecture and discussion
  • Engage with a community of fellow practitioners and learners
  • Gain understanding of how social finance advances social good

What is the time commitment required?

The learning journey is 8 hours comprising of 6.5 hours of asynchronous pre-work, and 1.5 hours for the virtual session. Learners are given pre-work that will be accomplished asynchronously. This includes reviewing a case digest and submitting output based on the given material. All registrants will afterwards gather virtually for a faculty-led lecture and discussion to take a deep dive into the given case and social finance solution.

Is this free?

Yes, registration is free but slots are limited. We highly suggest that you secure your slot as soon as possible.

When will the next two SFC Case Study Learning sessions take place?

The next sessions will happen on the third quarter of 2023. Please follow us on LinkedIn to stay updated.

For more questions, reach out to [email protected].

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