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Introduction to Inclusive Business




Date & time

04 February 2021


04 May 2021

About this event

The IB Learning Space provides an environment dedicated to Inclusive Business E-Learning. Access is easy and free! Users will have immediate access to our first course, the “Introduction to Inclusive Business”, and a variety of more trainings in the future.

“Introduction to Inclusive Business” is a general introductory course imparting basic knowledge on Inclusive Business, its definition and features. The course also sets the parameters of the inclusive business target groups and explains how they are involved in the value chain. It outlines the different sectors where the Base of the Pyramid is engaged, identifies different inclusive business approaches and illustrates the inclusive business ecosystem. Overall, the intro course makes the case for Inclusive Business and highlights its positive impact on the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

This course is specifically developed for impact entrepreneurs and managers, policymakers, impact investors and the general public who want to gain a basic understanding of inclusive business and how it relates to business development, social impact and impact investment. It is a self-learning course that has no start or end date and consists of an introductory module and four main modules lasting about three hours. Upon completion, the learner will receive an iBAN certificate.

More information is available here and in a blog post on the course.

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