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Kaizenvest Education Symposium (KES)

By Kaizen Capital Management Pte. Ltd.


Online and India

Date & time

12 November 2020



12 November 2020


About this event

Kaizenvest Education Symposium (KES) is a virtual gathering of education sector enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, investors, grant providers, foundations and impact agents. This virtual gathering will discuss the pivotal role of SDG 4 in achieving targets for all other SDGs, starting with a new education impact dimensions framework developed by Kaizenvest in collaboration with industry partners.

The main sessions will bring global leaders to discuss timely topics in education such as the role of technology; the role of smart and creative finance; and, the importance of gender targets in achieving overall impact targets and a more equitable education system across socioeconomic strata.”


For more information, visit https://kes.kaizenvest.com/index.html

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