Karnataka CSR Summit

Event details
  • February 7th, 2020, -
  • Bangalore
  • Country: India

Sattva Consulting and Dhwani Foundation are jointly organising the Karnataka CSR Summit.

Karnataka is home to about 5% of the country’s population and 6% of the total number of companies incorporated. How are the CSR investments of INR 5000 Crore (and growing) by 1300 companies over the last 4 years transforming the development landscape of the state? How can the funders, implementers and the Government forge powerful partnerships reaching the neediest areas for effective impact?

 Join us at the Karnataka CSR Summit to hear from the grass-root level change makers, CSR leaders, high-impact philanthropists and the government officials on how we can collaborate and partner for furthering impact in the coming decade.

NOTE: This is an invite only event. Please write to – impact@sattva.co.in.

More here: https://www.sattva.co.in/news-and-updates/karnataka-csr-summit/