Kopernik Day

Event details
  • February 1st, 2020, -
  • Kopernik Headquarter, Jalan Raya Mas, Mas, Ubud
  • Country: Indonesia

What is it?

Annual event to celebrate Kopernik’s anniversary in finding effective solutions to reduce poverty. The event features stimulating discussions and workshops as well as a line-up of arts and music performances.


To celebrate and showcase our contribution in addressing key challenges facing underserved communities. Kopernik holds this event to celebrate our beliefs in being solution-focused and in working in collaboration with others including government, corporations, academia, civil society and the creative industry.

When and where it will take place?

February (date TBD for 2020) at Kopernik Headquarter, Jalan Raya Mas, Mas, Ubud, Indonesia. We will update you once we have the date set for 2020.

Who will be participating?

Event is open to the public. Participants include Kopernik’s partners, local communities, corporations, academia, civil society organizations, public officials, and artists, among many others.

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Contact Person: Arvin Dwiarrahman, Associate Director of Partnership and Operations, arvin.dwiarrahman@kopernik.info