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Launch of Kopernik’s Solutions Catalog

By Kopernik


Online and Indonesia

Date & time

08 December 2020



08 December 2020

About this event

It has been five years since the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development was adopted by all United Nations Member States; at the heart of which are the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The next decade has been dubbed as a ‘decade for action’ by the UN to achieve the SDGs. To support this agenda, Kopernik has been conducting lean experiments to identify solutions that can effectively contribute to solving the challenges articulated in the SDGs.

The Solutions Catalog is a summary of results and learnings from lean experiments conducted by Kopernik since 2016. The platform provides an overview of:

  • The unmet need, or the problem that the experiment sought to address;
  • The solution that was tested;
  • The experiment design that was implemented to test the effectiveness of the solution;
  • The results of the experiment;
  • Additional considerations that need to be taken into account for the solution to be adopted (such as cost effectiveness, ease of use);
  • An ‘Effectiveness Rating’ – which is the degree to which the solution addressed the unmet needs.

Please register via this link to join this launch event. You will receive the Zoom link prior to the event.

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