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Leadership for Growth – India Special Edition

Date & time

10 April 2021


10 April 2021

About this event

Program Dates – 23rd April to 3rd September 2021
Registration Deadline – 10th April 2021
Location – Online 
Participation – across South Asia 

Registration Link https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd313KolbFy0_L7N2Bpn4rHt-xwKJV01lL16mDb5lKYYb314Q/viewform

Leadership for Growth is an inspiring and highly engaging learning program that combines online leadership courses, business application and coaching, with a strong emphasis on networking. Specifically designed for middle and senior managers of small and growing businesses across South Asia, we transform participating managers into high impact leaders. The three levels at which this program aims to create impact are Self, Team and Organisation. This is reflected through the modules of the program – Leading Self, Leading Others and Leading the Business.

We believe learning only creates value when applied, therefore, our methodologies are focused on experiential learning via hands-on experience. Over the course of 5-months participating managers work on a Business Innovation Project through which they solve for a self-identified problem within their organization, in real-time. 

Launched in India in 2019, the program has enrolled 65+ managers from 20+ different organizations in India, Pakistan and Nepal. In its first year in India, the program achieved a Net Promoter Score of 82, which is extremely rare and adds to our strong belief in the impact of the program.

This program is for your organization if:

  • You are a commercially viable business with 5 to 250 employees.
  • Your organization has the ambition and the potential to expand significantly within the next 1-3 years.
  • You believe that investing in your managers is a key success factor to scale your business.
  • You are motivated towards transforming the challenges due to the pandemic into opportunities for growth.

Read more about the program here.

You can also read about Tushar’s experience with Leadership For Growth and the money he saved for his organization with his Business Innovation Project here.


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