AVPN Global Conference 2023 | 20 - 22 June 2023


Making Progress On Wicked Problems: Leveraging a Whole-Systems Approach




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26 June 2024



26 June 2024


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Many of the issues social investors attempt to address are wicked problems, which cannot be easily defined and lack simple solutions. Forced labour and sexual exploitation of Asia’s most vulnerable children, women and men is one such wicked problem that is often underlooked. How can we programmatically and strategically grapple with these pervasive challenges that undermine many of our good efforts to improve health care, education and financial empowerment? Who are the collaborators and stakeholders with whom we can co-create solutions, and what is the mindset required to progress on these wicked problems?

This learning circle, will unpack the challenge of addressing these complex social challenges from the lens of philanthropists, policy-makers, impact organisations and other stakeholders. International Justice Mission, will share how it partners with governments, corporate investors and local communities around the world to implement a Protectional Model to protect people living in poverty or extreme vulnerability from violence. We look forward to hearing your insights and questions on tackling wicked social problems together.

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