Measuring Social Impact

Event details
  • May 16th, 2019, - May 18th, 2019,
  • Amani Institute, Bangalore
  • Country: India

Professional Skills Courses at Amani Institute

Amani Institute is excited to announce their upcoming 2.5 day professional skills courses for April-June 2019, taking place in Bangalore.  Building professional skills and engaging in life-long learning is important for career success and advancement in our fast-changing world. At Amani Institute, courses are taught by leading global practitioners in their respective fields and are practical, hands-on and interactive.

In this booklet, you will find all of the course descriptions as well as information about faculty and information on registering.

Instructor: Sharon Weir, Co-Founder, 4th Wheel Impact
May 16-18
Amani Institute, Bangalore

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What gets measured gets managed – As social innovators bring together the key elements of people, process and systems, there is a real risk that the organization starts mistaking activities for outcomes and loses sight of the impact that they intend to create on the ground. In addition, potential funders are increasingly moving beyond the narrative around the organization to the tangible and measurable impact that the organization is creating on the ground.

This course will introduce the tools and approaches for Measuring Social Impact. More importantly, the focus will be on how to use these tools beyond proving impact to donors and funders but improving impact and use Impact measurement as a steering model for driving organizations.