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Micronutrient Forum 5th Global Conference

By Sight and Life



Date & time

02 November 2020


20 November 2020

About this event

Join the Micronutrient Forum 5th Global Conference, CONNECTED 2020 with the theme ‘Building New Evidence and Alliances for Improving Nutrition’. This virtual event aims to cover the broad spectrum of micronutrients from the research, efficacy, program, and policy perspective. The CONNECTED 2020 schedule provides rich and thought-provoking content from notable presenters and a high-quality experience for attendees with access to 55 on-demand sessions, at their convenience, together with an engaging live program featuring distinguished keynote speakers. To encourage conversations and to CONNECT, there will be opportunities to ‘CONNECT with Experts’, ‘Learning Centres‘ and ‘Live Q&A’ sessions for all standard registrants.

Moreover, this year COVID-19 has placed an additional, unprecedented threat for (micronutrient) malnutrition and this conference will examine the implications, highlighting the work of the Standing Together for Nutrition consortium, and discuss how we can reshape the future for nutrition post-COVID19.

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