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Oxford Faith-Aligned Impact Finance Project Online Convening

By Oxford Said Business School



Date & time


22 November 2021



23 November 2021


About this event

OxFAIF is a project that aims to raise the level of impact investing from faith-aligned funds across the world.

About this event

A detailed agenda, will be emailed to you in due course.

The Oxford Faith-Aligned Impact Finance project (OxFAIF), based at the University of Oxford, aims to raise the level of impact investing from faith-aligned funds across the world, . These funds are held and exercised in many different ways- from catholic investment funds, to innovative Islamic sukuks to Jain family office investments and philanthropy.

OxFAIF is holding a global Convening- a virtual three hour event to be held 1pm-4pm GMT MONDAY 22nd NOVEMBER 2021.).

OxFAIF has begun the work of mapping faith-aligned funds around the world, and will be showcasing its initial findings, case studies on innovative work already being undertaken, across religions and geographies, as well as how the field could be helped by further research, executive education and convenings. Panels include discussion on how faiths can work together to use their capital to address climate change, and on innovative uses of faith capital already underway to create impact in the renewable energy and education spaces around the world.

We hope you will be able to join us as OxFAIF showcases its findings and features examples of innovative approaches in the field. More information on the agenda and content over the coming days and weeks. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me with questions.

Globally, various forms of values-aligned impact investing are growing rapidly. Globally, the market for negative ESG investing is estimated at $56 trillion , with ‘core’ impact investing at $480 billion. This new movement to align capital with moral values holds enormous potential to help the world achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and climate change-related goals, if it is strategically directed and coordinated.

Within this larger landscape, there are a variety of organizations such as GIIN gathering evidence which suggests that religious investors – whether institutional or faith-inspired – also appear to be increasing their commitment to values-aligned investing. These organizations include academic institutions, for profit and non-profit organizations. However, there is currently limited comprehensive research on the extent and nature of faith-driven investing nor training to help faith-based investors understand how to actually align their investments with their values.

Given that the faith sector collectively may be the fourth largest investor bloc in the world the potential for positive impact is massive, if these investments and related trends can be identified and if religiously and spiritually driven investors can be convened and equipped.

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