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Racial Equity 2030

By Lever for Change


Online and United States

Date & time

28 January 2021


28 January 2021

About this event

A Call to Visionaries and Agents of Change
Racial Equity 2030 is open to organizations of all types, from anywhere in the world, led by teams that center on lived experience and driven by communities closest to the issue as part of leadership in the project. While the term “racial equity” has specific connotations within the United States, in a global context, this challenge seeks to advance equity within hierarchies, structures, policies, systems and practices of dehumanization that perpetuate disparities for racial and ethnic groups today.

Racial Equity 2030 is looking for ideas that:

  • Bring transformational change in policies, processes, institutions or power structures,
  • Address the root causes of racialized outcomes and inequitable systems with an asset-based approach,
  • Centers communities most impacted by the issue and foster equal collaboration,
  • Offer imaginative or catalytic ideas or approaches that have the potential to create sustained conditions in which children, families, and communities can thrive, and
  • Are led by teams that have the leadership, lived experience, compassion, capacity, creativity and relationships with local community to meet their goals.

This is an opportunity to take risks, build, innovate and explore possibilities over the next decade. Early-to-mid-stage ideas are welcome.

If you are rooted in community and want to create a future where racial equity is realized, we want to hear from you. Join us in reimagining our future.

Register by 28 January 2021, Thursday, at 5:00 pm Eastern Time.

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