Realising India’s Demographic Dividend

By Social Lens Consulting Private Limited


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Date & time

16 April 2021



16 April 2021


About this event

An average 5-7 million Indians enter the workforce every year. However, only an average of 4.36 million jobs are created in the economy annually. What’s next? It is the need of the hour to determine how we can create meaningful employment for India’s next-generation that contributes to the sustainable economic development of the workforce and the country.

Social Lens, in partnership with Jeevitam, brings together those at the forefront of driving impactful livelihood solutions. In this conference, we will speak to CSR Leaders, Social Purpose Organisations and Industry Experts about bridging the demand and supply gap in the labour market with skilling, looking at technology to scale the solutions and what the skilling horizon looks like in the coming years.

The aim is to provoke some cutting edge discussions on the potentials and pitfalls of the Indian employment market through panels titled:

Convergence of the Demand and Supply of Skills’ facilitated by Vijaya Balaji. This session will explore the macro trends of the supply and demand mismatch, and the points of equilibrium in the labour market in India.

‘The Road to Realisation: Perspectives from the Ground’ facilitated by Havovi Wadia. In this session, you will relive the first hand experiences of NGOs and gain insights from those who have worked in the skill development and employment space

‘Scaling the Solution: The Technology Disruption’ with Sridhar Seshadri facilitated by Ruchika Hiranandani. This session will emphasise on the role and the importance of technology in scaling a solution targeting the mismatches in the labour market.

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