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Resiliency Grant Program

By Internet Society Foundation


Online and United States

Date & time

27 August 2021


27 August 2021

About this event

The Internet Society Foundation’s Resiliency Program supports projects that increase network resiliency in communities prone to natural disasters, so that these communities will be better able to prepare for and withstand the effects of natural disasters on Internet connectivity.

Program Objectives

  • Ensure readiness of local communities to maintain or repair Internet connectivity
  • Re-establish Internet connectivity for communities affected by natural disasters


With the constant threat of climate-related disasters, people around the world are experiencing more and more disruption in their lives and to their livelihoods. The damage from these disasters often interrupts Internet connectivity and isolates people from family, friends and information in a time of crisis and vulnerability. The Resiliency Grant Program, the second component of our RARE Grant Program, aims to provide support for these communities to be prepared for and reconnect to the Internet quickly after climate-related disasters strike.

The Internet Society Foundation will support organizations with experience and direct knowledge of Internet resiliency to deploy resilient Internet infrastructure and provide training to local stakeholders on its use in the event or in the aftermath of climate-related disasters.

Examples of the types of projects the Foundation will support includes:

  • Supporting development of community networks
  • Hardening data centers and IXPs against environmental threats
  • Fortifying sub-sea cables and/or stations
  • Supporting ISPs to upgrade infrastructure


The basic eligibility requirements for all Foundation grants are outlined here. All applicants must ensure that they meet these basic requirements. The specific requirements for the Resiliency Program are:

  • Organizations with 501(c)(3) or equivalent status that have a mission that is aligned to that of the Internet Society
  • Demonstrated capacity to manage grant awards up to $500,000
  • Prior experience with Internet resiliency and or reconnection projects
  • Prior experience working on global projects or projects that are multi-national
  • Prior experience working in disaster management, emergency response, or recovery

Application Process

Applications will be accepted on an invitation-only basis in order to establish long-term, meaningful partnerships with potential grantees.

Selection Criteria

Organizations will be asked in the online application form to clearly demonstrate their ability to:

  • Deploy functional and sustainable network equipment in local communities around the world
  • Train local communities on proper use, maintenance, and repair of equipment


Applicants will be asked to select one of the following groups of countries to target their intervention.

  • Group A: El Salvador, Kenya, Pacific Islands, Puerto Rico
  • Group B: Guatemala, Japan, Nicaragua, Ghana
  • Group C: Philippines, Gambia, Jamaica, Mauritius (option not available to partner with Chapters)


Three grants in the amount of $500,000 per organization will be awarded in 2021. Grants will support projects lasting 2 years.


Applications will be invited starting July 30th 2021. The application window will close August 27th 2021. Final award decisions will be made by September 13rd 2021. Anticipated project start date October 1st 2021.

How To Apply

Only applications submitted in the Foundation’s grants management system will be considered. Incomplete submissions that do not meet eligibility requirements will not be considered (see Eligibility Requirements). Expressions of interest should be submitted to [email protected].

You may also consult this guidance on how to develop a strong application.


If you have questions about this program or the application process, please email [email protected].

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