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Responsible Renewable Energy Summit 2023

By Forum for the Future Asia Pacific



Date & time


14 February 2023



14 February 2023


About this event

India has set a target of Net Zero by 2070. Rapid decarbonisation will be powered by the deployment of renewable energy (RE) on a massive scale, with an updated NDC goal of 50 percent renewable energy installed capacity by 2030. The discussions at COP27 reinforced the need for to increase RE deployment globally; while at the recent G20 Summit, India encouraged the countries to set ambitious RE goals. These commitments were accompanied by a focus on ensuring resilience, climate justice and energy security, issues that are key to enabling a just energy transition globally, in Asia and India.

The RE sector is growing rapidly in India as the energy transition picks up pace. Renewable energy has the potential to offer much more value to India beyond decarbonisation, including by expanding access to affordable, clean energy; creating decent jobs that champion equity, driving a circular economy and helping nation’s economy to thrive; reducing pollution and regenerating natural ecosystems.

As the RE sector grows, so will the need to manage risks such as unsustainable pressures on resources including critical minerals, land for generation and transmission, and the skilled workforce needed to support the energy transition. RE actors have a remarkable opportunity – and a responsibility – to ensure that the imperative to reduce emissions from energy is achieved in a manner that is responsible – ecologically safe, socially just and contributing to building a thriving, resilient India.

We invite you to the first Responsible Renewable Energy Summit, where we bring together renewable energy experts, sector pioneers, policy makers, innovators, and civil society representatives to discuss how RE can set a benchmark for responsibility and the value it can create for every citizen in India for generations to come. Hear from the experts who are developing innovative, cutting-edge solutions. Discuss with the industry leaders who are pioneering impactful action on the ground.

The Responsible Renewable Energy Summit is being organised by the Responsible Energy Initiative with The Nature Conservancy , Vasudha Foundation , National Solar Energy Federation of India and Climate Trends .

Key questions the Summit will explore

  • How do we ensure the development of RE happens in a way that prevents environmental and social conflicts and contributes to building resilient communities and thriving natural ecosystems?
  • How can we embed circularity in renewable energy value chains as domestic manufacturing ramps up in India?
  • How do we ensure investments in renewable energy are creating equitable value for everyone involved: the communities, citizens, developers, workforce, and vendors?

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