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Roundtable in Mumbai – Mobilising Human Capital


Edelweiss House, Maharashtra, India



Date & time

15 October 2013



15 October 2013


About this event

The recently-passed Companies Act 2013 requires companies with a net worth of rupees 500 crore or more to spend at least 2% of their average net profits on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). This Act reflects the government’s commitment to improve corporate governance as companies are expected to do more than just make a profit these days.One way your organization can meet the requirements of this new Act is to leverage your principal asset – human capital. Find out more about how your organization can unlock and utilize this asset to not only help you comply to the new Act, but to advance capacity-building of Social Purpose Organisations (SPOs) in this invite-only roundtable in Mumbai on 15 October 2013.

Prior to this roundtable, AVPN will conduct a workshop with up to 30 managers and front-line practitioners to review the ground challenges and compose a set of recommendations that will be put forth for strategic review at the round table. Participants to the roundtable will be primarily senior executives from AVPN member and prospect organisations. Participants will look at the recommendations brought forward by the earlier session. Capacity for this roundtable is limited to 20 persons.

This roundtable will be led by Fiona Halton, Chair of Pilotlight UK.

Patsian Low (NVPC), Vidya Shah (EdelGive), Vijaya Balaji (Toolbox), Priya Naik (Samhita Social Ventures) and Manas Ratha (Dasra) will also share their insights from the earlier workshop with the round table participants.”

All participants to the roundtable are by invitation.  Please register your interest to participate via email to Chelsea Chen ([email protected]) if you would like to join us for the roundtable.

Date: 15 October 2013
Workshop Fee: Free
Venue: Swan Boardroom. Edelweiss House. Off C.S.T Road, Kalina, Mumbai 400 098

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Roundtable Program
16.00 – 16.30hrs Roundtable registration opens
16.30 – 18.30hrs Roundtable discussion: “How to mobilize human capital effectively to build capacity” – discussion leader: Fiona Halton.Introduction by AVPN and by partner organizationFiona to present Pilotlight model

Fiona and local workshop leaders to share on the following:

  1. How to make a convincing business case to employers?
  2. What SPO needs can be effectively met by skilled volunteers?
  3. How to meet the personal and career development needs of the volunteers?
  4. What engagement structures between skilled volunteers and SPOs work well in India and overseas?
  5. Assessing impact – how to produce substantial value for the SPO?

Moderated discussion, Wrap-up

18.30 – 19.30hrs Networking reception

About Fiona Halton
Fiona Halton is Chair of Pilotlight and the creator of Pilotlighting – a unique method that enables business leaders to work effectively with charities so that they increase impact. The model also creates a community of philanthropists. Fiona has a track record in establishing and running new organisations. She set up British Film Year which won the British Sales and Marketing Award and was runner-up for Veuve Cliquot Business Woman of the Year. Fiona was part of the team that ran the first Comic Relief which raised more than £13 million. She was acting director of TimeBank and took it to launch – it is now an established, BBC-supported campaign, inspiring a new generation of volunteers.


About Pilotlight
Pilotlight was set up to address the needs of small charities and social enterprises who have the expertise to support their beneficiaries but do not have, and could not afford to buy, the time and skills to develop their own infrastructure. In a survey of small charities, Pilotlight found that only four per cent said they received effective professional help.  Pilotlight then surveyed leading business people and found various barriers, such as being time-poor, which prevented them from offering their professional help. Pilotlight then trialled several models of professional skills-giving and arrived at one that overcame those barriers. More info at: http://www.pilotlight.org.uk/  

Roadshow Partner

The National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre (NVPC) is the national body in Singapore that promotes and develops volunteerism and philanthropy, functioning as a first-stop centre, catalyst and networking agency to foster the giving spirit in Singapore, whether of time, money or in kind. The Philanthropy in Asia (PIA) Summit aims to promote and deepen knowledge that advances effective and sustainable philanthropy in Asia’s social space. More info at: http://www.nvpc.org.sg/

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