Sankalp Global Summit 2020

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  • November 5th, 2020, - November 6th, 2020,
  • Country: Online

NOV 02-06

An Entrepreneurial Renaissance: Designing the Impact Economy

With every upheaval in human history, when the old world forces have been broken from their very foundations, a time of reconstruction followed. Great crises could also carve a pathway to great good.

At Sankalp, through the New Ideas’ Series, we will engage stakeholders and thought-leaders to determine how to bring about faster change in the present paradigm

Over the past 100 days, perhaps the most googled phrase, “social distancing,” has become the new story of our survival as a species. It has forced us to find different ways to adapt, to create, to build, to thrive.

In the last decade, the world collectively came up with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDGs are at once universal and local. They equip us with a global grammar to talk to one another, irrespective of the difference or the distance. What we need in this decade is a new economic paradigm – the Impact Economy – an economy which thrives on creating meaningful impact in lives of individuals, societies and nations and we need three things for that: shared goals, resources and change designers.

While the SDGs provide shared goals, entrepreneurs are stepping in with their sustainable interventions, where markets and governments are have fallen short, particularly in supporting vulnerable communities. They are the driving force that can transform the unprecedented challenges into a new playing field; to turn the civilisation towards a paradigm that balances profits with collective societal good.

However for that to happen, we need a new system, an enabling ecosystem, which provides the right resources and environment for entrepreneurs to thrive and design the new world, shared and valued by all.

At this civilizational implosion, the entrepreneurs can spark the economic re-birth of the world. It is time to reconstruct a new world order: Entreprenaissance, the first renaissance of the urban environment of the 21st century.

At this historic crossroads, the Sankalp community across the globe, shall once again convene in November 2020, virtually, to steer and leverage the vast expertise of all the global stakeholders to use this window of opportunity to shape the recovery of our civilisation.

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