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School Choice National Conference 2019


New Delhi



Date & time

13 December 2019



13 December 2019


About this event

The School Choice National Conference (SCNC) is our flagship conference on education policy that brings together educationists, researchers, policy experts, activists and government officials to explore, discuss and debate various dimensions of school education in India. The conference has been an important platform enabling us to disseminate research and data among stakeholders, draw media interest, and engage policy experts, practitioners and policy-makers in a dialogue on the need for and mechanisms for the implementation of our reform recommendations.

In 2019, we will host the 11th edition of the conference on 13th December 2019 in New Delhi, addressing the theme of ‘Realising the Promise of the National Education Policy: Regulation | Service Delivery | Assessment’.  In the context of the recently released Draft National Education Policy, the conference will engage with policy-makers, experts and practitioners on how state governments can build the institutional framework for effective regulation, efficient service delivery, and consistent assessment to realise the vision of quality education for all. Through a triad of working groups comprising state and union government officials, educationists, and public administration experts, we propose to delve into each intervention pillar and help government functionaries develop an implementation blueprint for their respective states. The conference will have a keynote address followed by three sessions/round tables focusing on a specific aspect of the larger theme.

Tentative Conference Agenda | 13 December 2019 | 9 AM – 5 PM, New Delhi

  • Opening Address by Keynote Speaker
  • Session 1: Effective and Fair Regulation
  • Session 2: Efficient and Responsive Service Delivery
  • Session 3: Consistent and Accessible Assessment

Conference details and detailed panel descriptions can be accessed here.

Opportunities for Collaboration:

  • Event partnership and conference collaboration, to create a robust dialogue on education policy and practice with leading policy influencers, policy experts, academicians, educationists and school owners.
  • Collaboration to further participation from state functionaries and policy-makers / nominations of state-functionaries and policy-makers from organisations working in the states on education governance/with state functionaries.

Interested in partnering and collaborating for the above event? Please contact Shreya Ralli, Senior Manager, Advocacy | [email protected]

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