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By Impact Investment Exchange (IIX)



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15 April 2022


11 September 2022

About this event

IIX Foundation’s Global Youth Art Competition is back to Celebrate the Resilience of Women

IIX Foundation is back with its annual flagship program, SHE IS MORE 2022, to celebrate women and youth through art. This global art competition invites young artists across the world to share their voices through personal pieces of visual art that celebrate the value of inclusivity. The theme of Resilience pays homage to the women who are standing tall in a society with great gender disparities.

Applications to the SHE IS MORE 2022 competition is open to children aged 10 to 18 years old from around the world. In line with the theme of Resilience, participants can submit visual arts entries that showcase their artistic interpretation of human resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic. The competition will run from 15 April – 11 September 2022 and will be judged by a panel of judges that has renowned work in the art field.

In addition, SHE IS MORE also rallies all charitable hearts and art enthusiasts around the world to support the foundation to raise funds for women and children causes that help to alleviate and empower them. To date, hundreds of youth from more than 25 countries have participated in SHE IS MORE, with over $97,000 raised for underserved women and communities through supporting education and healthcare initiatives. With this, IIX Foundation has impacted and empowered over 3,400 lives.

Through grant-making, IIX Foundation has helped to support efforts going towards developing resilient communities across Asia, Africa and North America. With this, IIX Foundation has impacted and empowered over 3,400 lives.

IIX Foundation has also built a strong network of partners and effectively galvanized support worldwide through its campaigns.

Take a look at the partners who are supporting SHE IS MORE 2022!

Want to be part of SHE IS MORE? You can do it in these ways:

Tell a youth to submit their artwork on women’s RESILIENCE
Donate to the fundraiser
Buy a postcard of our SHE IS MORE 2021 winners
• COMING SOON: Stay tuned to our storefront for some purpose-driven purchases

For more information, visit our website: https://iixfoundation.org/sheismore2022/

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