AVPN Global Conference 2023 | 20 - 22 June 2023


The 3rd Call for the Asia Beautiful Fellow

By Beautiful Fellow



Date & time


15 February 2024


15 February 2024

About this event

Asia Beautiful Fellowship is a social innovation leadership development program built on trust. Through supporting the growth of social innovation leaders, we aim to facilitate the spread of the positive changes they create throughout society. Our mission is to assist these leaders in achieving their social missions and fostering their growth, ensuring that the impact they make resonates across various aspects of society.

The beautiful store foundation aims to support Innovative social leaders across developing countries in Asia, enabling them to expand their environmental & social impacts within their communities.

  • Candidates
    • Innovative social leader in the environmental field who runs a sustainable business to tackle climate crisis issues.
    • Founder(Representative) of an organization that has operated for at least a year or longer to help solve climate issues.
    • Good command of English (Asia Beautiful Fellow needs to communicate in English at regular meetings.)
  • Areas
    • Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam (*Nationality and business regions of candidates must be in the above countries)
  • Fields
    • Businesses to respond to the Mitigation and Adaptation of Climate Change as following issues:
      • Advocacy / Campaign (environmental education or campaigns)
      • Agriculture (organic cultivation, manufacturing, processing, and sale of eco-friendly food, etc.)
      • Circular Economy (waste management, reuse, recycling, re-manufacturing, upcycling, etc.)
      • Energy (renewable energy production, saving energy and improving efficiency, etc.)

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