AVPN Global Conference 2023 | 20 - 22 June 2023


The Briefing Room: Chasing Southeast Asia’s Green Future

By ClimateWorks Australia



Date & time

(GMT +11)

26 October 2021



26 October 2021


About this event

Southeast Asia plays an increasingly important role globally, with the combined GDPs of the ASEAN trading group making it the fifth largest economy in the world. But do these countries have the capacity to adapt to the imminent shift towards net zero emissions?

Join our expert panel as they explore what the biggest challenges are for the region, the unique opportunities that can be leveraged, the economic levers that can be pulled, and how the region can align with global efforts to reverse emissions.

Southeast Asia is one of the most vulnerable regions when it comes to the impact of climate change. At the same time, it’s estimated that developing Southeast Asia’s green economy could provide up to $1 trillion in annual economic opportunities.

All of Southeast Asia’s key trading partners (with the notable exception of Australia) have made a pledge to transition to a decarbonised economy by 2050. Our panel will interrogate how these close trade relations can benefit the region through access to low carbon technologies.

Our panel includes Professor Wing Woo, Vice President for Asia at Sustainable Development Solutions Network, a global initiative for the United Nations; Dr. Thu-Ba Huynh, leads the Environment and Climate Change Initiative for FHI 360 Asia Pacific; Guntur Sutiyono, Country Lead – Indonesia, ClimateWorks Australia.
Your host is John Thwaites, Chair of ClimateWorks Australia and the Monash Sustainable Development Institute, and Co-chair of the Leadership Council – UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network.

This online event will be focussed on the Southeast Asian region and consider how the ASEAN member states are prepared to respond to the level of ambition set by COP26 and the 1.5 degrees science from the IPCC. This event is produced by Written & Recorded.

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