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AVPN Webinar: The Power of Intermediaries to Catalyse Corporate Social Impact

By Asian Venture Philanthropy Network (AVPN)


Online and Singapore

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03 December 2020



03 December 2020


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As consumers increasingly demand that corporates demonstrate leadership and responsibility in social and environmental issues, corporates are paying heed and responding by becoming increasingly sophisticated in their impact strategies. They are not doing this alone. By leveraging appropriate partnerships, corporates are able to contribute to social issues, identify appropriate projects and develop a coherent theory of change to connect their various impact projects. Intermediaries are increasingly becoming such ideal partners, evolving to address investment needs expressed by corporates who are intent on growing their impact through the social economy.

In this session, hear from a panel representing successful partnerships between corporates and intermediaries, namely DBS China and NPI in China and Hyundai Motor Group and Instellar in Indonesia, that have been able to work together to respond to pressing needs in their respective markets. The insights gleaned from these partnerships will help corporates across Asia understand how to work with intermediaries to deploy mandatory CSR and sustainability funding more effectively.

Han Ling
Assistant Professor in Gender Studies Programme (Gender & Social Innovation),
The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Han Ling is an Assistant Professor in Gender Studies Programme at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. She is a cultural sociologist researching the intersection of gender, technology, and social innovation. She obtained her PhD from the University of California, San Diego and was awarded a three-year postdoctoral fellowship at Stanford University Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society (Stanford PACS) to research and manage the Social Innovation in China Program. She leads research initiatives to compare the institutions, organizations, and actors that drive social innovation education and social entrepreneurship in Asia.

Chen Jie
Senior Manager Brand & Partnership Development

Ms. Chen is the Senior Manager, Brand and Partnership Development at Non-Profit Incubator. She believes smart use of social resources shall lead to more effective philanthropy and then a better society.

In this position, she has gained fruitful experience in NGO branding, new media promotion, fundraising campaign and key donor relationship management. Her career experience in NPI includes positions as PR & Communication Manager, Marketing & Fundraising Manager.

Ms. Chen endeavors to enhance NPI’s partnership with big donors from the business sector and foundations, in forms of tailored CSR programs, special fund plan and various theme projects. Her clients include multinational companies of different industries, such as DBS, Lendlease, Alibaba, JNJ, SK Group, UTC, J.P.Morgan, SAP, IBM, Deloitte, etc. She has raised USD$2.5 Million funding since the out break of COVID-19.

Ms. Chen has a Bachelor’s Degree in Law and a Master’s Degree in International Cooperation. She is also a certificated trainer granted by China Philanthropy Research Institute together with Social Work Academy of Rutgers University.

Sherry Shi
Senior Vice-President, Group Strategic Marketing and Communication,
DBS Bank (China) Limited

Sherry Shi is Senior Vice-President of Group Strategic Marketing and Communication at DBS Bank (China). Sherry has significant experience in Social Innovation. Starting her career at Consumer Banking, Standard Chartered Bank, and then DBS Bank, she has led large branding & communication campaigns in the financial industry, as well as corporate social responsibility projects across China.

Sherry is now in charge of DBS Foundation affairs in China. More than 20 years working experience in foreign banks and 10 years deep dive into the Social Enterprise sector, made her one of the powerful influencers and experts in the area of nurturing, advocating and embracing Social Innovation. Head of Force For Good, she has built up a valuable partnership network with NGOs, Social Enterprises and ESG ecosystem in the Chinese market, helping SEs solve the social/ environment problem with innovative solutions in China.

Romy Cahyadi
Chief Executive Officer,
Instellar Indonesia

Romy Cahyadi is co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Instellar Indonesia. Instellar is a purpose driven company with the aim of accelerating social innovation through incubation, advisory and investment in other purpose driven companies. He has about 20 years in the field of social entrepreneurship, including founding UnLtd Indonesia, the first incubator for social enterprises which has supported more than 50 social enterprises. He graduated from Iowa State University with a Master’s in Systems Engineering.

Robert Baek
General Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility,
Hyundai Motor Company

Robert Baek is a Manager at Hyundai Motor Group and an expert in the Social Venture nurturing. He is in charge of social venture development projects in Asia and operates that in Indonesia as a first country. Besides, as a global communication manager for Hyundai Motor Group’s social contribution activities, he has signed partnerships with various organizations. In particular, he has specialized capabilities in new business planning and rapid execution.

As the person in charge of H-ondream, a social venture development program in Korea that started in 2012, he is supporting the continuous growth of 238 teams nurtured through the platform. In addition, he is making efforts to digitalize and measure the impact of various social contribution projects conducted by the Hyundai Motor Group. Since social impact measurement is complex and there is no clear standard yet, he is struggling to set a new standard that can be used for all different global companies.

He majored in Economics and international trade both at Emporia state university in the U.S and Dankook University in S.Korea and holds a bachelor’s degree. Also, he attended Harvard University’s international debate as a representative debate in 2009.



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