AVPN Global Conference 2023 | 20 - 22 June 2023


The Role of Civil Society in Disaster-Risk Reduction

By Asian Venture Philanthropy Network (AVPN)


Online, Bangkok Time

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28 April 2021



28 April 2021


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28 April 2021, Wednesday

3pm – 4.30pm (GMT+7)

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Worldwide, at least 875 million school children live in high seismic risk zones and hundreds of millions more face regular floods, landslides, extreme winds and fire hazards. Over the last decade, Asia has suffered the greatest number of natural disasters with 80% of the global death toll.

Children’s vulnerability to disasters in Asia is expected to increase as the frequency and intensity of natural hazards rise. One of the most significant consequences of disasters induced by natural hazards is the impact they have on children’s education, as it is often one of the first activities abandoned when disasters occur .

Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) can play a key role in shifting this narrative: Their strategic relationships with communities and policymakers, extended local and global reach, and strong human resources make them effective implementers, capacity builders, knowledge brokers, connectors, and advocates.

In Asia-Pacific, CSO networks working collaboratively to build country-specific resilience against natural hazards. Join us in this webinar to:

  • Ascertain the key roles civil society can play to enhance the resilience of children and communities in multi hazards settings;
  • Explore how regional CSO network can contribute to national resilience
Takeshi Komino
General Secretary / Executive Committee,
CWS Japan / Asian Disaster Reduction and Response Network (ADRRN)

Takeshi Komino is the General Secretary of CWS Japan, and Co-chairperson of Japan Platform. He also serves as Secretary General and is a member of Executive Committee for Asian Disaster Reduction and Response Network (ADRRN). In addition, he is the joint secretariat of Japan CSO Coalition for DRR (JCC-DRR), and the chairperson of Japan Quality and Accountability Network (JQAN). Takishi graduated from Doshisha University and holds a Development Studies M.A. from Brandeis University.
Animesh Kumar
Deputy Chief,
UNDRR Regional Office for Asia-Pacific

Dr Animesh Kumar coordinates disaster risk reduction policy, and inter-governmental, multi-stakeholder and UN mechanisms in the Asia-Pacific region. Before joining this position, Dr Kumar held the same position in the UNDRR Regional Office for Africa, based in Nairobi. In his previous positions, Dr Kumar worked in other UN entities in Africa and Asia. Dr Animesh Kumar is a Geographer, and holds an MPhil and PhD in adaptation and sustainability.
Sudthida Keophaithool
Civil Society Strengthening and Partnership Advisor
Plan International Asia Pacific Regional Office

Sudthida Keophaithool is a Civil Society Strengthening and Partnership Advisor with Plan International, Asia and Pacific Hub. Sudthida has been working for Plan International for 10 years. Together with other Thai local CSOs colleagues, Sudthida helped establish the Child Right Coalition Thailand and served as the secretariat for a few years. With her extended experiences, she is responsible for SIDA Civsam project in 5 countries in Asia namely Bangladesh, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, and Timor-Leste.
Dr. Saut Sagala
Lecturer & Researcher,
Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), Indonesia

Dr. Saut Sagala is a lecturer & researcher at School of Architecture, Planning and Policy Development, Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB), Bandung, Indonesia. Saut has conducted intensive research and consultancy experiences on spatial planning, disaster risk management and climate change adaptation. He has experiences working on cultural heritage & tourism, renewable energy policy (biomass, biogas, Solar PV, wind energy), rural energy, micro insurance, social protection, disaster financing, green financing, etc . He is an Editorial Board Member of ASEAN Engineering Journal and an advisory board for Journal of Forum Geography. Previously he assumed a position as a managing editor of Journal of Regional and City Planning of ITB (2010-2012). He also serves as a Senior Research Fellow at Resilience Development Initiative (resilience research centre) and an adviser for Bandung Disaster Study Group, empowering university students to conduct disaster education for children and youth in West Java. Saut is a researcher at Research Centre for Disaster Mitigation and Climate Change Centre, at Institute of Technology Bandung – Indonesia.

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