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The Yunus Centre, Griffith University Challenge-Led Innovation Re:Treat

By Griffith University





Date & time

06 October 2022


07 October 2022

About this event

Big Challenges require bold interventions. Challenges like climate change, poverty and social inequality, and access to healthcare, are complex and require more than a singular solution or actor to improve. How can you make sure your capital is making the biggest impact?

Challenge or Mission-Led Innovation is a framework that focuses on the power of directional innovation to coalesce participation from diverse sectors towards achieving ambitious goals. It is experiencing somewhat of a renaissance, mostly thanks to the work of Mariana Mazzucato, an economist at University College London – and is the focus of a two-day in-person Re:Treat by The Yunus Centre, Griffith University.

The Re:Treat is an intimate, challenging and highly applied learning experience limited to 20 people only. Led by experienced Facilitators Professor Ingrid Burkett and Professor-of-Practice Alex Hannant, co-directors of The Yunus Centre, Griffith University, it is an extraordinary opportunity to take time for critical reflection, meet others in the space, and challenge your mindsets.

If you are working towards a complex challenge with a systems-change lens you will walk away with the beginnings of a challenge map and implementation workbook to share with stakeholders and help you turn your change ideas into action.

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