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Tomorrow’s Liveable Cities



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Date & time

31 July 2020


31 July 2020

About this event

Arthan is launching the ‘Tomorrow’s Liveable Cities‘ track, in collaboration with BORDA and with Nagrika as our knowledge partner to talk about how we can holistically address challenges in urban dwellings to create inclusive, liveable and sustainable cities that can support India’s ambitions.

On July 30-31, we will explore how urban management and services can be made more effective in India, to improve health, reduce stress, increase equality, lower the cost of living and raise the quality of life of all urban Indians.

For more details and to register: https://www.arthanevents.com/tomorrowsliveablecities
For questions, write to [email protected]

We are bringing together panel discussions and sessions on topics ranging from liveable cities, water-centric cities, data-driven urban planning, funding for urban transformation, international lessons for India, the impact of a toxic environment on our emotions and creating green, beautiful, healthy cities.

Speakers include Arun Maira (Former Member, Planning Commission of India), Naina Lal Kidwai (Chair, India Sanitation Coalition), Mridula Ramesh (Author & Founder, Sundaram Climate Institute), Bharati Chaturvedi (Chintan), Tikender Singh (ex-Deputy Mayor, Shimla), Prof Amita Bhide (Tata Institute of Social Sciences), and Shubhagato Dasgupta (Center for Policy Research).

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