AVPN Global Conference 2023 | 20 - 22 June 2023


Understanding the Role of Philanthropy and Social Finance in Innovative Giving Models

By Asian Venture Philanthropy Network (AVPN)


10 Square @ Orchard Central



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25 March 2021



25 March 2021


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AVPN is delighted to invite you to our first hybrid event held in the post-pandemic reality. The in-person event is being held in Singapore but we wanted to open the invitation for others to join from overseas. The online auidence will be engaged through a live stream as well as an interactive Q&A. Please join us virtually for an interesting session on Understanding the Role of Philanthropy and Social Finance in Innovative Giving Models.

This session is an educational event for family offices, private wealth and AVPN Impact Investing Fellows on the topic of maximising impact through innovative giving models, including social impact guarantees (SIG) or development impact bonds (DIB). You will hear from the perspective of a family foundation providing philanthropic capital, a fund issuing a DIB, and an intermediary who structured a SIG. The aim of the event is to build an understanding on the role of private wealth in delivering impact outcomes through these various innovative approaches to deploy capital and maximise impact across Asia.

Key takeaways:

  • Build knowledge of how different innovative finance models are structured and the role of key stakeholders involved
  • Identify the role private wealth can play in the success of innovative finance
  • Learn from funders on their experience deploying philanthropic capital
  • Identify how innovative finance models can be deployed to scale impact and accelerate innovation in Asia
  • Gain insights on innovative finance models trends across Asia through case studies in Singapore and India
Mette Ekeroth
Managing Director and Group Head of Philanthropy,
North-East Singapore

As Head of Philanthropy of North-East Family Office, Mette Ekeroth is responsible for philanthropy across several charitable vehicles initiated by different members of the founding family. She works with the full continuum of philanthropic activities ranging from grants to social and impact investments, addressing a range of social and environmental issues in South-East Asia and Northern Europe.

As a former career diplomat, Mette seeks to forge diverse partnerships and appreciates the opportunity to assist private and corporate wealth support solutions for some of the main challenges facing people and planet.

Jayanth Bhuvaraghan
Founding Board Member,
Vision Catalyst Fund

Jayanth one of the founding Trustees of the Vision Catalyst Fund, which is a not for profit charity set up in the UK. The VCF aims to set up a Global Fund, build partnerships and catalyse investments in Vision care with an aim to eliminate poor vision from the World within a generation.He is also  Senior Advisor & Coach at Essilor Luxottica and his focus is on working with the top management, board committee and external stakeholders to build a strong purpose-driven business by developing and creating a unique and strong company culture, Intrapreneurship, sustainable development and social impact. In his previous roles as Chief Mission Officer of Essilor and Essilor Luxottica, he was instrumental in driving the purpose-driven transformation of the company.

He is also the Chairman of the Essilor Social Impact Funds, supporting projects creating sustainable social impact through vision care. He serves on the board of some of Essilor’s subsidiaries and many independent non-profits around the world.

Kevin Tan
Founder and CEO,
Tri-Sector Associates

Kevin believes in the power of good governance to improve lives. He founded Tri-Sector Associates to develop new ways for the public, private, and people sectors to work together in improving governance throughout Asia.

He and his team are helping to evolve the PFS model to Asia’s unique context. Tri-Sector has launched the first Social Impact Bond in Hong Kong, the first recyclable grant fund in Singapore, and designed the first Social Impact Guarantee in the world. He previously worked at Third Sector Capital Partners, a leading PFS intermediary in the US, where he led multiple PFS engagements.


*Asian Venture Philanthropy Network (“AVPN”) is a non-profit registered charity in Singapore dedicated to the power of networks to mobilise capital for impact. Our signature events are intended to be neutral, non-political and non-partisan platforms for AVPN members, partners and other stakeholders to connect and share best practices, experiences and knowledge within the network for the development of an impactful social investment community. Participants should refer to the information provided prior to each session about the session’s speakers, objectives and topic, including the audience profile who are expected to attend, where applicable. Information shared by the speakers at AVPN events and conferences is provided by third-parties, and does not represent the views of AVPN on any matter. AVPN does not warrant the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of this information and is not liable nor responsible for reliance anyone may place on such information, participants should consume this information at their own risk. AVPN reserves the right to edit, cut down and adapt the content and materials at these activities to align with the stated agenda or purpose of the AVPN events or conferences. Any information or materials provided at these activities are only for information and knowledge sharing within the stated agenda or purpose and does not in any way constitute tax, legal, financial or investment advice, nor do they constitute offers, solicitations, or recommendations for any investment activity.

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