AVPN Global Conference 2023 | 20 - 22 June 2023


Understanding the Sustainable Investing and ESG Practices Among Financial Industry Players

By Asian Venture Philanthropy Network (AVPN)


Online and Singapore

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09 September 2021



09 September 2021


About this event

As more companies, financiers, and investors understand that sustainable practices make for long-term sustainable returns, the assessment of organisations’ environmental, social, and governance (ESG) footprints will move from a simple measure of corporate responsibility to an investment proposition. While this general focus on ESG policies is undeniably beneficial, companies today are presented with the additional challenge of actively planning for climate risk. Large infrastructure companies, institutional investors, and corporates face greater pressure from different stakeholders to better manage their exposures to these environmental risks. For example, it has become a more important consideration than ever for insurers after several years of heightened natural catastrophe losses. Financial industry companies across the globe, in their roles of insurers, capital intermediaries, investors and long-term financiers, are reflecting on ESG risks and opportunities, and taking these factors into account in their investment, capital and business model decisions.

While the discussions around this topic in Asia has picked up, there persists significant gaps in practical adoption and experience-driven guidance on how the financial industry can incorporate sustainability in its practices. Asian investors and analysts seek guidance on “how” they can engage and incorporate ESG practices, particularly given the need for infrastructure, ecosystem and capital investments to catch up. Intertwined in these discussions will be the kind of sustainability footprint that the financial industry is leaving behind in Asia.

To bring the Asian-practitioners’ perspective, AVPN will engage key regional stakeholders from different angles of the investment / financing ecosystem to the discussion table. They will share how they have adapted their decision models and oriented their internal and external engagement to drive their own transition as well as those of their customers to more sustainable practices. The panel assembled will address the asset side, the liability side, and a broader corporate perspective. They will present approaches on how industry experts and financial institutions can deal with sustainability risks and opportunities, and provide expert insight from current practices in the Asian market.

El Lynn Yeoh
Head of Ethics & ESG,
Prudential Singapore

El Lynn is the Head of Ethics & ESG at Prudential Singapore. She is responsible for ensuring a positive ethical culture, developing and implementing an Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) framework, as well as a framework around the responsible use of AI and data analytics.

Prior to this role, she was Head of Community Investment at Prudential Singapore driving community investment and engagement in Singapore. She began her career in the corporate communications industry and spent 17 years consulting for major MNCs across banking and financial services, travel, arts, FMCG and for the public sector spanning Malaysia, China and Singapore.
Aveline Chan
Vice President, Asia Sustainable Finance,
WWF Singapore

Aveline has been a portfolio manager for more than 20 years, and has led the managing of multi-asset class investment portfolios for clients at global private banks such as BNP Paribas Wealth Management and Clariden Leu, as well as for international asset management firms like Rothschild Asset Management and Commerzbank Asset Management. Through her network of investment clients, she has also helped to set up family offices and run investment funds on behalf of UHNW accredited investors. Currently with the Sustainable Finance team at WWF Singapore, she draws on her experience and knowledge of the workings within the investment management industry for her work on responsible investments and engagement with key stakeholders. She is a firm believer in the pivotal role the investment community can play in driving further adoption of sustainability goals by businesses and the greater society.
Dr. Joanne Khew
Director, Sustainable Finance,
Standard Chartered

Joanne has over 9 years of experience in sustainability across the private sector, government service, and academia. She is currently Director of Sustainable Finance at Standard Chartered where she is responsible for strategic partnerships targeting new sustainable products and initiatives.

Her experience spans development of global ESG investment frameworks, climate risk integration in the investment cycle, establishing sustainable R&D commercialisation strategies, and up-scaling sustainable urban solutions. Joanne graduated with a PhD in Sustainability Science from the University of Tokyo, and a Bachelor of Science, Life Sciences from the National University of Singapore.
Cherine Fok
Practice Lead, Sustainability Services,

Cherine Fok is the practice lead for Sustainability Services in Singapore and drives the local efforts for KPMG IMPACT, KPMG’s global initiative on ESG expertise building for a more sustainable and resilient future. She has more than 15 years of experience in a wide range of consultancy projects, specialising in ESG strategies and frameworks, social and economic development, sustainable finance, climate change and ESG measurement, reporting and assurance.

Cherine takes a special interest in market building efforts related to sustainable development and is a regular contributor to industry thought forums and media content. Her contributions include speaking engagements and insight publications with the G7 Global Summit, Singapore Exchange, Asia Financial Forum, and European Chamber of Commerce, amongst others.
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What you will learn

  • Learn about short-term and long-term trends in sustainable investing and ESG practices among financial industry players
  • Recognize the business specific and macro factors that influence their ESG/Sustainability decisions
  • Understand how financial service sector players can adapt products, operations and business models to improve their financial performance and simultaneously address broader social and environmental issues
  • Learn how sustainability offerings of financial sector business in Asia can be compelling for investors, customers and employees

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