AVPN Global Conference 2023 | 20 - 22 June 2023


Unlocking the Entrepreneur in Your Managers

By Amani Institute


Online and India

Date & time

14 May 2020



14 May 2020


About this event

Growing an organization during disruptive times isn’t just about making tactical changes to your strategy. It calls for paradigm shifts in the way you view the world and run your business. One of those shifts is reimagining the role of your managers.

This interactive webinar will help you learn how to turn your managers into innovators who solve business problems and lead change.

Using success stories from across the world, insights from experts and case studies from our leadership development program for mid-senior managers, we show you why such a shift in approach is important and how you can apply it in your organization and achieve results.

The session will be led by Shehzia Lilani, Country Director of Amani Institute in India, and Arjun Sashidhar, Program Manager at Amani Institute, both of whom have extensive work experience in leadership development interventions.

So, if you are a leader in an organization thinking about building your mid-senior managers, or if you are a mid-senior manager yourself thinking about developing your leadership skills, this session is for you!

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