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Virtual Training Series: How MDBs/DFIs Blend

By Convergence


Online and Canada

Date & time

20 July 2021



21 July 2021


About this event


Convergence offers members a range of blended finance learning and capacity building programs. These programs help members: i) understand the potential of blended finance to support in achieving the SDGs and surface credible investment opportunities in developing countries, ii) build the case internally for blended finance based on the financial and development impact of blended finance to-date, iii) develop a blended finance strategy and approach, and iv) develop the capacity to participate effectively in blended finance transactions, from due diligence to monitoring.

Bespoke blended finance trainings and knowledge exchanges are also available for organizations to increase their knowledge of blended finance. Sessions are catered to organization needs and interests and include participation from industry experts and other Convergence members. Past sessions took place at AfDB & OECD.

To arrange for a bespoke knowledge exchange for your organization, email Aakif Merchant at [email protected].


To ensure our members continue learning, Convergence is launching a series of virtual trainings dedicated to How Investor Types Blend. The series consists of five 2.5-hour (150 minutes) interactive trainings on the following topics:

  1. How MDBs/DFIs Blend (July)
  2. How Philanthropic Organizations Blend (August)
  3. How Donor Agencies Blend (September)
  4. How Commercial Investors Blend (October)
  5. How Impact Investors Blend (November)

Registration for the first training “How MDBs/DFIs Blend” is now open. Convergence members can register for free by applying the discount code received by e-mail. Non-members can register for a fee of USD 150.

To cater to our members in different time zones, the training is scheduled at two different times:

How MDBs/DFIs Blend (Europe/East Coast)

How MDBs/DFIs Blend (Asia/West Coast)

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