Webinar: A Balancing Act: Supporting Your People and Your Business

By Asia School of Business




Online and Malaysia

Date & time

08 April 2020



08 April 2020


About this event

Not since the deadly flu of 1918 has there been a pandemic of a scale rivalling the current COVID-19 outbreak. It’s ironic that our quest to create a seamless, borderless world has in many ways enabled the rapid spread, resulting in a human crisis the world has not experienced in the last century with businesses not being spared.

Aggressive actions across the board have been taken to stem the outbreak, but these self-same actions have resulted in increased constraints for business leaders. This had led to, on one hand, the abandoning of many vulnerable workers as companies try to save their core businesses, and on the other hand, we have businesses focusing on maximizing employee well-being despite the short-term financial cost.

So, what can we do to achieve the right balance to both nurture and protect human capital while ensuring continuity of business for today, tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow?

Join us in this Webinar: A Balancing Act: Supporting Your People and Your Business, part of The Day After Tomorrow dialogue series developed by the Iclif Executive Education Centre at Asia School of Business. This series brings together leading minds from around Asia and the world to provide insightful and actionable business practices for facing the challenges of these unprecedented times.

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