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Webinar: An introduction to impact assessment using B Analytics / GIIRS

Date & time

26 September 2013



26 September 2013


About this event

We are pleased to offer to our community an opportunity to learn more about an impact measurement solution called B Analytics. B Analytics can be used to do custom impact data collection, or can be used to do a standard impact evaluation called the B Impact Assessment (learn more about B Analytics from the attached overview). Companies and funds that complete the B Impact Assessment can obtain an impact rating called GIIRS – the Global Impact Investing Rating System – that measures their positive impact performance.The webinar will be held on Thursday, September 26th at 9am Singapore. During the webinar, we’ll highlight some of the impact measurement tools and open up the discussion for your questions about impact measurement and the B Impact Assessment.

Sign up for this webinar through this registration link: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/5123120906343597568

To get the most value out of the webinar, we encourage you to create a profile and fill out the B Impact Assessment, either on behalf of your company or a portfolio company.

To get started with the B Impact Assessment:

  1. Register your company online: http://b-lab.force.com/GIIRS/GIIRSRegistration. You will then receive a username and password.
  2. Log in with your username and password (http://b-lab.force.com/GIIRS/GIIRSSiteLogin) and complete the Assessment (usually takes between 1-3 hours)
  3. Check out this B Analytics one-pager for more background on B Analytics.

Please try to complete the assessment on behalf of one of your portfolio companies before that date so that you can bring specific questions.

Flory will spend about 20 minutes providing an introduction to B Analytics, and then answer any questions participants might have around B Analytics/GIIRS.

Any questions that you have prior to the webinar can be directed to Phoebe Leung (pleung [at] bcorporation.net) from B Lab or Stacey Choe (stacey [at] avpn.asia) at AVPN.

About Flory Wilson

 Flory Wilson is the International Director of B Analytics and GIIRS.  B Analytics is the world’s largest database of impact data on privately held companies and funds and GIIRS is a social and environmental rating system for companies and funds.  These products  represent the capital markets-focused impact measurement tools created by B Lab, a US based non-profit organization.

Flory joined B Lab in April 2010, working on the core team that launched B Analytics and GIIRS.  Flory’s primary focus is working with investors who are focused on having positive impact through their investments in emerging markets.  She also chairs the Emerging Markets Standards Advisory Council that crafts the B Impact Assessment and rating methodology.

Previously, Flory was a Senior International Economist in the Office of Investment Policy at the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) in Washington, D.C.  At OPIC, she focused on measuring the developmental, social and environmental impacts of private sector-led investment across OPIC’s $12 billion portfolio.  She has extensive experience in the field, having conducted monitoring and evaluation visits of over 50 OPIC-supported projects in 26 different countries.

She holds a M.A. in international relations from Johns Hopkins Nitze School for Advanced International Standards (SAIS), with a concentration in economics, and graduated cum laude from Colgate University.

About B Lab

B Lab is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that serves a global movement of entrepreneurs using the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. B Lab serves these entrepreneurs through three interrelated initiatives that provide them the legal infrastructure and help them attract the customers, talent, and capital to scale.

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