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WEBINAR: COVID-19 and Critical Supply Chains: Medical Services and Food

By Asia School of Business


Online and Malaysia

Date & time

15 April 2020



15 April 2020


About this event

As countries all around the world fight to break the chain of the COVID-19 infection, they must also work towards ensuring a chain of a different kind is appropriately strengthened. Amongst the many other challenges leaders and businesses are facing, ensuring the supply chain remains unaffected is paramount to ensure the continuance of supply in meeting the demands.

In the next instalment of COVID-19: The Day After Tomorrow dialogue series, developed by the Iclif Executive Education Center at ASB, we will train our focus on the supply chain. Along with guest speaker Alok Mishra, Adjunct Faculty at Singapore Management University (SMU) and Professor Charles Fine, President and Dean of ASB, we unpack the many critical aspects of demand and supply that need to be quickly addressed to ensure the continued well-being of organizations and the people they impact alike.

Moderated by Zalina Jamaluddin, Senior Director of Corporate Development at ASB, this thought-provoking 45-minute session will not only bring together expert insights but seek to establish instantly applicable, achievable and actionable solutions that are in line with ASB’s MIT-Sloan-inspired Action Learning philosophy.

We invite you to tune in to this session entitled COVID-19 and Critical Supply Chains: Medical Services & Food on Wednesday, April 15th 2020, 3.00-3.45pm by registering now.

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