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Webinar on Operating Principles for Impact Management




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16 November 2018



16 November 2018


About this event

On October 12, impact investing leaders—along with the World Bank Group leadership, government delegations, and development partners—came together in Bali to share their insights and discuss the future trajectory of impact investing, including the need for all stakeholders to agree on a common approach. The event featured the launch of the consultation draft, Investing for Impact: Operating Principles for Impact Management. Devex and other media outlets covered the event and the draft principles.

 About this webinar: Investing for Impact—Doing Well by Doing Good

Following the Bali engagement, connect with the IFC team on November 16 at 14:30 (JST) to discuss the draft principles and explore how common standards can facilitate impact investment and bring us closer to achieving the SDGs. The draft principles were developed by a group of asset owners, managers, and allocators to enhance discipline around impact investing, mobilize more funds for impact investments, and increase their overall effectiveness.

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