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14 February 2019



14 February 2019


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After re-engaging with the international community for the last eight years, Myanmar has been through many ups and downs. In recent times, media attention has focused on its Rohingya crisis, resulting in diplomatic condemnation and continued controversy. Despite all these, the country continues to be a point of attraction for foreign investment and development. With a young population of 54 million at a median age of 28 years, Myanmar holds significant potential and in need of support in all areas of infrastructure, especially with its social and community development. With so much at stake and so little being clear, foreign foundations and philanthropists are unsure of how to proceed.

Asia Philanthropy Circle (APC), a network of philanthropists in Asia with a vision of a better Asia through philanthropy, regularly produces insightful resources for the sector to guide and improve their impact. With strong interest in Myanmar amongst its membership, APC produced the research, “Giving to Myanmar: A Guide for Asian Philanthropists”. This is part of a series of Cross Border Giving Guides, which act as toolkits for philanthropists going into countries that they are not so familiar with. The guides provide a landscape review of the country, including recommendations from experienced practitioners on the ground, relating to the regulatory framework, cultural issues, sources for information, and case studies.

APC is partnering with WINGS to launch the guide through this webinar to expand the impact of our research beyond our membership. The key recommendations of the guide will be presented by the main author, Dien Yuen, a Managing Director and Philanthropy Advisor in the San Francisco office at Evercore Wealth Management. Our local Burmese partner, Inle Heritage Foundation, will also be sharing their thoughts on foreign philanthropists working in the country, and on the current situation in Myanmar. The webinar will then be open for Q&A from participants.

*APC’s resources are open-source, and can be downloaded at our website at: http://www.asiaphilanthropycircle.org/parallex/resource_centre/

For further information about the guide or speakers, please contact [email protected].

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