Women’s Leadership in the Development Sector




Date & time

14 July 2020


14 July 2020

About this event

Join Arthan & The Rockefeller Foundation for the Women’s Leadership in the Development Sector track on July 14th as they work together to help organisations, donors, and policymakers plan gender pathways within organisations so that they can emerge as gender transformative workplaces, helping women negotiate for equality.

Details and registrationhttps://www.arthanevents.com/wlids

For questions, write to anchal@arthancareers.com

On 14th July, we will bring together panel discussions and masterclasses on topics ranging from Men as Allies, funding for women-led organisations, evidence-based solutions to accelerate women leaders, intergenerational insights by women in development and women working in conflict. 

Speakers include Deepali Khanna (The Rockefeller Foundation), Anubhuti Patra (Malala Fund), Luis Miranda (Centre for Civil Society), Sabina Dewan (JustJobs Network), Smaranita Reddy (IDR), Srikanth Viswanathan (Janaagraha), Vidya Shah (EdelGive Foundation), Chetna Sinha (Mann Deshi Foundation), Seema Bansal (Boston Consulting Group), Subhalakshmi Nandi (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation), Renana Jhabvala (SEWA Bharat), Madhuri Mukherjee (Research Advisor, Arthan), Lina Abirafeh (Arab Institute for Women at the Lebanese American University), Deepmala Mahla (CARE), Yasmin Haque (UNICEF India) and others. 

This day is a part of a multi-stakeholder study Arthan is working on in collaboration with the Rockefeller Foundation to chronicle the journeys of women leaders in the development sector to serve as a guide to understanding the challenges and opportunities pertaining to WLIDS. These can help set industry benchmarks and help organisations, donors and policy makers to plan the gender pathways within organisations to emerge as a gender transformative workplace and help the women in the development sector, to negotiate for equality in roles and power.

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