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Global Leadership Academy


Transform the learning dynamics in the impact space

A global initiative that aims to facilitate South-south learning and amplify the unheard voices of leaders in the Global South. It combines unlearning, relearning, and exploring to contribute to better, more localised solutions to respond to SDG gaps in the Global South.

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Amplify the local wisdom

There are many leaders in the Global South with local knowledge and wisdom who contribute to the advancement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), but their voices continue to be untapped and unheard, especially those of women, leaders working on a grassroots level, and leaders with disabilities.

Funders have limited access, visibility, and connections to local impact leaders whose knowledge and insights are valuable. This leads to suboptimal solutions for the communities, resulting in inequitable and unsustainable development and growth.

The GLA was created in response to these perpetuating issues.


The Global Leadership Academy aims to

Establish a South-south learning dynamic

Amplify unheard voices of local leaders in the Global South


What the Global Leadership Academy is about

South-south platform

Inclusion of unheard voices

Immersive learning experience

Relationship building

Designed serendipity

Ownership and power-sharing


On the Ground

The Global Leadership Academy Journey

In the design phase of GLA, AVPN worked with 40+ impact leaders from 10 countries mainly from grassroots communities in Asia, Africa, and Latin America to pilot learning spaces that could facilitate relationship-building and learning among them.

(Click on the dots to learn more about our pilots in Istanbul and Lucknow)

Pilot 1: Istanbul, Turkey
25 impact leaders from Indonesia, South Africa,
Brazil, Japan, Germany, Singapore, Turkey and India.

Report coming soon
Pilot 2: Lucknow, India
12 impact leaders from India, Kenya,
and Japan – including leaders with disabilities.

Report coming soon
Abu Dhabi, UAE
Workshop and sharing by
GLA leaders on an immersive session
South-south Learning Reimagined:
Transforming Knowledge Sharing Among
Impact Leaders.

25 impact leaders from Indonesia, South Africa, Brazil, Japan, Germany, Singapore, Turkey and India.

12 impact leaders from India, Kenya, and Japan – including leaders with disabilities.

Local to Global

GLA at the AVPN Global Conference 2024

The AVPN Global Conference 2024 invited global leadership impact leaders to explore barriers and opportunities in amplifying the voices of hyperlocal impact leaders. Participants engaged in open spaces technology to collaboratively design innovative solutions to bridge the gap of local knowledge in the Global South. GLA impact leaders also shared their experiences and insights from the pilots of the Global Leadership Academy by AVPN, highlighting the significance of facilitating South-south peer learning and amplifying the unheard voices of leaders in the Global South.


Meet the impact leaders

Ivan Vaalbooi

Co-founder, Elsie Vaalbooi Development Organisation

Marlize Swanepoel

Founding Director, sp(i)eel arts therapies collective

Leody Rama Putra Sarmanella

Strategist, Pijar Foundation

Fungi Vuyolwethu Jaxa

Deputy Senior Traditional Leader, Jalamba Traditional Council

Pumza Ndamase

Training and Content Development Manager, Pumza Ndamase

Siphelele Chirwa

Chief Executive Officer, Activate

Jose Kaete

Community Relationship and Sustainable Sourcing Analyst/Indigenous Storyteller and moviemaker, O Território

Aline Odara

Founder, Fundo Agbara

Anna Penido

Executive Director, Centro Lemann

Senzo Hlophe

Director: Partnerships & Impact, iLifa Labantwana

Maritta Rastuti

Chief of Staff, 1000 Days Fund

Rodrigo Ribeiro

Founder, Tecnogueto

Standy Christianto

Program Manager, Borneo Institute

Elsye Suryawan

Chairman, Yayasan Peduli Kemanusiaan Bali (YPK Bali)

Thuane Nascimento

Executive Director, PerifaConnection

Rukmana Suharta

Co-Founder, Partnership, Rumah Bahari Gemilang

Lilly Nitzke

Program Manager, BMW Foundation

Merve Carglar

Executive Director, Vuslat Foundation

Anupama Anand

Program officer, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Roshini Prakash

Chief Knowledge Officer, AVPN

Rudi Putra

Founder, Conservation Advisor. Forum Konservasi Leuser / The Leuser Ecosystem

Faith Kipkemboi

Founder, Cactus Mama

Christine Kandie

Director, Endorois Indigenous Women Empowerment Network (EIWEN)

Stephen Machua

Director, Founder, Piquant Spices

Ekta Shekhar

Director, The Climate Agenda

Satya Kumar Singh

VP, All India confederation of the Blind

Meera Shenoy

Founder, Youth4Jobs

Aishwarya Rastogi

Manager, ShikshaLokam

Sneha Philip

Director, India Development Review (IDR)

Ikumi Kawamata

Program Officer, Nippon Foundation

Yosuke Ishikawa

Program Officer, Nippon Foundation

Shikha Singh

Program Manager, Study Hall Educational Foundation

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Voices of leaders in the Global South

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