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GIIN’s Roadmap for the future of Impact Investing presents a strategic approach to negotiating the unique opportunities and challenges presented by the social investing space.

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The Ecosystem & Roadmap to Impact Investing

The social investment ecosystem in Asia is made up of a variety of players including fund managers, family offices, foundations, banks, pension funds and development finance institutions. With almost a third of impact investors investing in Southeast Asia and with 44% planning to grow their impact investing allocation in the region in the year ahead, this space is in a constant state of flux.

GIIN’s Roadmap to Impact Investing is a tool that hopes to circumvent these challenges. By conceptualising challenges and presenting actionable solutions the roadmap helps impact investors, both new and mature, to navigate the complexities of the social investment space in Asia.


Recent Insights and Events

Impact Investing in Asia: Overcoming Barriers to Scale


The Impact Investing Market in the COVID-19 Context: An Overview

Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN)

The R3 Coalition aims to streamline impact investing efforts that will address the large-scale social and economic consequences of COVID-19. One critical component of the R3 Coalition is the delivery of market intelligence on financing needs and effective strategies to address those needs. This issue brief is the first in a series, which intends to describe the current state of play for impact investors. Download the R3 Coalition’s first issue brief on The Impact Investing Market in COVID-19 here.

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Impact Investing in Asia: Overcoming Barriers to Scale


Impact Investing in Asia: Overcoming Barriers to Scale

Jaclyn Yeo, Lucy Moore, Roshini Prakash

While the Asian social investment ecosystem is maturing, growth is uneven and impact investment remains less developed here compared to the rest of the world. As a result, the impact investing industry in Asia remains less understood compared to its counterparts elsewhere.

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March 2020 Impact Investing Programme


Making Sense of Impact Investing in Asia

Amanda Kee

While mainstream investors are starting to pursue impact investing as a legitimate investment practice, more seasoned practitioners are exploring a greater variety of investment tools to achieve their impact goals. This diversity of approaches muddies the waters around the defining characteristics of impact investing. Uncareful, Asia may find itself falling into the mire of ‘impact washing’, which undermines the value that impact investing can bring.

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GIIN convenes impact investors to facilitate knowledge exchange, highlighting innovative investment approaches, building the evidence base for the industry, and producing valuable tools and resources. GIIN seeks to accelerate the industry’s development through focused leadership and collective action.

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