The Impact Management Project (IMP) is an
unprecedented opportunity to reach consensus on
how we measure and therefore manage impact.

AVPN is a Strategic Partner of the IMP

The Impact Management Project (IMP) is a forum for building global consensus
on how to measure, report, compare and improve impact performance.

The IMP convenes a Practitioner Community of over 2,000 organisations to debate and find consensus on good impact measurement and management, and share best practices.

It also facilitates the IMP Structured Network – an unprecedented collaboration of organisations that, through their specific and complementary expertise, are coordinating efforts to provide complete standards for impact measurement, management and reporting.

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Impact Frontiers Asia: Get involved with our 15-month capacity building programme

A 15-month capacity building programme for impact investors in Asia to advance impact management and fully integrate impact into financial frameworks, processes, and systems.



Integrate impact-financial performance

Use your own data to create your own approach, customized to your organization’s unique context, strategy, and goals.

Get support in building buy-in and leading change within your organization.

Lean on thought partnership from Impact Frontiers, AVPN, the IMP, and other initiative partners.

Collaboration drives learning and innovation

Explore challenges specific to individual asset classes.

Cross-fertilize ideas across asset classes, investor types, and geographies.

Work together to find ways to improve the flow of impact information between companies, asset managers, and asset owners.

Emphasis on confidentiality

Safe forum in which leading investors can experiment with new approaches, learn from peers, and advance shared goals.

Workshops and meetings held under Chatham House Rule.

All cohort members sign non-disclosure agreements to hold all materials confidential.

Caitlin Rosser

“We found a lot of value in the cohort model.
The sequence of workshops consistently challenged me to think ahead to
the next step as we built our new impact management approach.
And I gained an amazing set of peers to go to on anything.”

Caitlin Rosser
Calvert Impact Capital

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The five dimensions to measure impact

After a series of consultations with its Practitioner Community, the IMP reached consensus that impact can be deconstructed into five dimensions: What, Who, How Much, Contribution and Risk.

Collecting data for each dimension enables enterprises, and their investors, to assess and manage their impact in a consistent and comparable manner, and then set goals against one or more dimensions to improve their impact.


What outcome(s) do business activities drive? How important are these outcomes to the people (or planet) experiencing them?

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Who experiences the outcome? How underserved are the stakeholders in relation to the outcome?

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How Much

How much of the outcome occurs across scale, depth, and duration?

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What is the enterprise’s contribution to what would likely happen anyway? What is the investor’s contribution that enables the enterprises they invest in to have an impact?

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What is the risk to people and planet that impact does not occur as expected?

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The IMP is supported by a diverse group of funders and is shaped by the input of more than 2,000 organisations and practitioners from across the global investment value chain, including the following AVPN members:

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