7 Bridges Brewing Company

7 Bridges from Danang, Vietnam is Asia’s IMPACT brewing company, leveraging the power of craft beer for social and environmental impact. Named the champion mid-sized craft brewery (of 90 breweries) in the 2019 Asia Beer Championship, our award winning brewery is a change agent for good.

Launched in 2017, we went from a garage project to a leading craft beer brand in Vietnam producing gold medal beers, establishing the region’s first zero waste brewery, catalyzing direct social and environmental action (and fundraising) and influencing the industry toward sustainable practices and tangible return to our communities.

Our IMPACT platform is deep. We operate a brewery with ZERO water and solid waste. We organize beach cleanups and fundraising events for disabled agent orange victims–rewarding participants for great beer in exchange for their volunteer effort. We now produce a cricket protein beer that is raising funds for wildlife conservation.

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IMPACT Brewing

By 7 Bridges Brewing Company

Our IMPACT v.1 initiative raises funding through beer sales to fight poaching of pangolins and small carnivores in Vietnam. We are equipping the rangers in Pu Mat NF to better track down poachers.

Conservation, Livelihood and Poverty Alleviation