Akhand Jyoti Eye Hospital

AKHAND JYOTI EYE HOSPITAL is the most effective eye hospital in Bihar working to eradicate blindness from low-income states and as a result, reduce poverty and bring dignity to the lives of the underprivileged. We choose to specifically target and reach out to the indigent, blind patients from rural areas. This focused approach on the blind patient has made us the largest eye hospital in Eastern India, and in just a few years.

Focusing on our primary aim of eradicating blindness, we also:
• Offer over 65,000 comprehensive, high-quality eye surgeries (80% of which are free) with specialized services for retina, pediatric eye care, glaucoma and cornea
• Offer the latest techniques in cataract surgery for rural people
• Build up a successful teaching eye hospital in the rural heartland
• Educate and train girls from rural Bihar to become highly skilled ophthalmic personnel at the hospital
• Improve the socio-economic level of entire communities across Bihar

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