Carengrow Technologies (India) Private Limited

CareNgrow is incorporated as social impact enterprise to Improve Health and Promote Wellness of children in schools in the age group of 5 to 14 years. Core mission is “To enable children to thrive”.

CareNgrow was birthed from a simple question: “Why should the children in school be subject to sub-par health screenings and monitoring in schools?” With roughly 280 million students ages 5-14, team CareNgrow believes the proper promotion of health in the Indian school system is the next step in building upon the trend of a healthier India. Team CareNgrow has made its resolve to tackle this issue head on.

Carengrow has developed an ability to collect the right health related data (tip-to toe) of school children in schools periodically in a passive and non-invasive manner with minimal effort and present it back to target stakeholder (Parents), the trigger to initiate necessary action.

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