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At Fields Data, we envision a coordinated, efficient and transparent development & humanitarian community striving together for social impact. We believe that such a world would not be possible without the involvement of local organisations. Using a bottom-up methodology, we collect and share ground-level organisational information and combine that with publicly available information to create 4W maps – Who does what, where and when of operational presence.

We empower organisations by providing tailored data-driven solutions to facilitate informed decision-making.

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Hong Kong SAR China

Prudence Foundation

Aavishkaar Capital is the equity arm of The Aavishkaar Group which manages in excess of US$1 billion in AUM across equity and credit. The Group’s shareholders include TIAA-Nuveen, Shell Foundation, Triodos Bank and Dutch Entrepreneurial Development Bank.

Prudence Foundation

Prudence Foundation is the community investment arm of Prudential in Asia and is a registered nonprofit entity in Hong Kong. Its mission is to make a lasting contribution to Asian societies through sustainable initiatives focused on three key pillars: Children, Education and Disaster Preparedness and Recovery. Under each pillar, the Foundation runs regional flagship programmes as well as local programmes working in partnership with NGOs and governments in order to maximise the impact of its efforts. The Foundation embodies the long-term and heartfelt commitment of Prudential and its people in Asia to provide innovative, focused, and practical support to their communities.

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At Fields Data, we envision a coordinated, transparent and efficient development & humanitarian community striving collectively for social impact. We work to empower organisations by providing tailored data-driven solutions.

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