Food Savior

Food waste is one of the biggest issues facing the developed world, and it has serious repercussions for the poorest in society. We are at a turning point in terms of our environment that will shape our future, and that of children, and grandchildren. We already know that if food waste were a country, it would be the third biggest emitter of greenhouse gases behind China and the US, and we already know that this is contributing to global warming, and if current temperature rises continue we are heading to catastrophe.

With Food Savior you can buy surplus food from cafes and restaurants that otherwise would have gone to waste at a bargain. At Food Savior consumers get great meals at great value, while restaurants make extra money and reduce waste. Our aim is to stop perfectly good food being thrown away.

We are not presenting Food Savior as the sole solution to cutting food waste, but one key part in the range of things consumers and businesses can do to tackle the issue. Large

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