Full Circle Filament

Full Circle Filament (FCF) is working to create high-quality 3D printing filament created with recycled PET (water bottles) material. The 3D printing market is taking off creating an ever growing demand for plastic. However, most 3D printing filament is made of virgin plastic resins, thus increasing the use of nonrenewable resources, and the filaments made from recycled content tend to be of low quality. Our PET will be ethically sourced via partnerships with local waste pickers who are part of the informal recycling system. Through those partnerships, FCF will help raise the incomes of the waste pickers.

At the same time, there is a growing demand for high quality recycled filament from conscious consumers. That’s where we come in. Full Circle Filament is a start-up that seeks to close the loop in 3D printing. We envision a decentralized circular economy where our hubs recycle plastic waste into 3D filament on the spot & print, collect and recycle end products for the local economy.

Climate Action Platform

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