Since 2005, gDiapers has been committed to ending plastic diaper waste. Our newest innovation is a patented plastic free disposable diaper complete with full delivery and collection service with a focus on developing economies. Not only does this stop plastic pollution at the source, it allows diapers to be collected and composted into nutrient rich soil, replenishing the earth. We call it the gCycle and we can’t wait to bring it to your neighbourhood.

gDiapers is supported and endorsed by Lakeside Enterprises LP, a family office based in California, USA.

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gDiapers: Sustainable and Compostable for the Environment

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At gDiapers, our aim is to end plastic disposable diaper waste with our patented plastic-free baby diapers and full service. We deliver, collect and compost our diapers. Our work and impact is primarily focused in Indonesia and the Southeast Asia region.

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