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We create mobile technology for farmers and agricultural stakeholders. We believe that technological developments such as mobile apps, drones, GPS mapping, and soil measurement tools are essential for improving agricultural efficiency and productivity throughout developing countries. Additionally, absence of legacy infrastructure, and rapidly reducing prices are key drivers for the fast adoption of mobile technology in these countries. Our mobile app Golden Paddy is developed to introduce the power of information in rural areas in developing countries. Our users are farmers, retailers, brokers, wholesalers, agribusinesses as well as NGOs and CSOs. We currently operate in Myanmar and will expand our products and services to other South-East Asian countries.

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Smart Agriculture Myanmar (SAM) through Golden Paddy

By Impact Terra

Offers a digital platform that integrates satellite based data insights to provide personalised farming advice and stimulates financial inclusion for smallholder farmers.

Agriculture, Financial Inclusion, Livelihood and Poverty Alleviation