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Issara Institute (Issara means “freedom” in Thai and related dialects) is a non-profit organization based in Asia and the U.S. tackling issues of human trafficking and forced labor through worker voice, partnership, and innovation. Issara’s systems change-based model aims to eliminate labor abuses by transforming the systems and behaviours perpetuating labor exploitation, and empowering the rights-holders within them.

Our work focuses on worker-centered technologies and programs that empower and educate workers, and identify and help remediate labour abuses. Partnerships with brands, retailers, and manufacturers connect these companies to the voices and experiences of workers within their supply chains, creating opportunities to address the root causes of exploitation, use that information to strengthen business systems and prevent more exploitation from occurring in the future, ensure remediation, and drive more ethical supply chains.

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Target Foundation

Aavishkaar Capital is the equity arm of The Aavishkaar Group which manages in excess of US$1 billion in AUM across equity and credit. The Group’s shareholders include TIAA-Nuveen, Shell Foundation, Triodos Bank and Dutch Entrepreneurial Development Bank.

Target Foundation

At the Target Foundation, we envision a world where all families and communities have the resources they need to determine and realize their own joy in life. This is why the Target Foundation is committed to enabling shared prosperity and opportunity by upholding equity and inclusion for all communities. Guided by our deep commitment to community, we invest in leaders, organizations, coalitions, and networks that expand economic opportunity equitably, enabling communities to determine their own futures. We support strategies that center and elevate the voices, stories and leadership of individuals and communities that have historically been silenced. Learn more at: https://corporate.target.com/corporate-responsibility/philanthropy/Target-Foundation

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Issara Institute: Expanding Workers’ Rights and ending Exploitation in Southeast Asia

By Issara Institute

Issara Institute aims to end labour exploitation, including forced labour and human trafficking, by transforming the systems and behaviours perpetuating labour exploitation, and empowering rights-holders in Southeast Asia.

Livelihood and Poverty Alleviation