K.O.A Co., Ltd.

K.O.A (Knocking on A) offers a brand and services for co-prosperity and mutual growth based on values of sustainability. We are dedicated to excellence in quality, while maintaining a constant focus on developing sustainable value chains. Through proposing a way of life those factors in our surrounding environment and community, K.O.A seeks to function as an agent of social change.

K.O.A supports the sustainable development of developing nations through creating brands and rising hidden champions. We discover competitive local raw materials and commercialize it as products through branding/marketing. We also provide extensive training to partners in local low-income communities and induce the creation of self-sustainable local brands. Utilizing products such as Mongolian cashmere apparel, stationery products made with abandoned teak wood from Indonesia, and home&living products from handcraft villages in Vietnam, we work with local partners to develop and manage their own brands.

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South Korea

The Beautiful Store Foundation

Aavishkaar Capital is the equity arm of The Aavishkaar Group which manages in excess of US$1 billion in AUM across equity and credit. The Group’s shareholders include TIAA-Nuveen, Shell Foundation, Triodos Bank and Dutch Entrepreneurial Development Bank.

The Beautiful Store Foundation

The Beautiful Store was established as a non-profit corporation in order to contribute to environmentally friendly changes in society and support marginalized people both home and abroad as well as activities that serve public interest. Charity Shop for Recycling Being at the centre of community-oriented environmentally friendly movement, The Beautiful Store converts donated products to monetary donation and operates more than 100 stores across the nation. Public Campaign The Beautiful Store is taking the lead in public campaign that promotes the changes of consciousness and changes of society and people by providing the opportunity to directly participate in recycling, environmentally friendly activities, sharing, and donation. Charitable Activity The Beautiful Store s charitable activities include not only regular profit sharing but also emergency relief when a need arises due to a natural disaster or major accidents. Also The Beautiful Store carries out distribution in kind and cultural sharing. Place for Volunteer Activity Voluntary work involves sharing of time and talent for nothing and brings about desirable changes to the local community, and changes the quality of my life and my neighbours. Growing a New Flea Market Culture The Beautiful Store is operating regular or special flea markets in order to promote the culture of recycling, donation, and sharing. Instead of charging fees for the shop, The Beautiful Store collects part of the sales profits as donation in an effort to help the neighbour who suffers hardships and to raise the awareness of environmentally friendly practices on a daily basis. As such, The Beautiful Store conducts a campaign that stimulates alternative life and culture.  Fair Trade The Beautiful Store helps small businesses in third world under-developed countries by importing their products for fair prices so that they can achieve financial self-reliance. With the profit generated in this process, we take the initiative to facilitate the cultural movement of ethical consumption that is to support our neighbour who suffers from hardships. Recycling Design Business Our brand Echo Party Mearry aims to spread environmental movement and sustainable lifestyle through recycling design activities that convert waste into new products. Fundraising The Beautiful Store is involved in planning and implementation of comprehensive fund raising for international development programs and support for the small social enterprises. The Beautiful Store contributes to its neighbors in need outside in Korea to have new opportunities in their lives. Goals We promote environmental awareness through recycling activities. We play an important role as a Mother NGO supporting community charity activities and strengthen local grass root projects. We try to give more chances to the marginalized with hiring the homeless, ex-convicts, and vulnerable women. We believe in and support Fair Trade in Korea. We support new social enterprises working for the environment and charitable activities.

On-going/Past projects

Sustainable Cashmere Project

By K.O.A Co., Ltd.

Trains and works with local partners to implement environmentally friendly practices throughout the cashmere production and manufacturing process in Mongolia.

Agriculture, Climate Action and Environment, Conservation, Employability, Livelihood and Poverty Alleviation