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Waffle is the market leader in providing young women hands-on CS-related opportunities, and has won several prestigious awards, including one personally delivered by the Prime Minister of Japan. Specifically, Waffle provides three programs targeted at young women in middle and high school and one program for college students. All the programs share the same components: hands-on skill, career vision, empowerment, and gender topics to inoculate the young women in male-dominated CS areas so that they will thrive as women leaders in the future. In addition to hands-on experience with 300+ students, Waffle provides career and gender lectures all over Japan with attendance ranging over 1,000 people annually.

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NPO Waffle: Equipping IT Skills for Women and Girls in Japan

By NPO Waffle

Waffle Camp, our one-day bootcamp programme, equips rural middle and high school female students with IT skills, expanding their career options and unlocking their potential.

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