OpenCBS is an innovative platform offering an Open Source Core Banking System as well as other value-added solutions for the microfinance and financial services industry, including a Tablet application for KYC, Appraisal and collection of Social Performance Indicators, a Loan Origination Solution and a Customer Relationship Management System. The Open Source nature of the project guaranteed by the statutes. As one of the few social businesses operating in Fintech, OpenCBS offers a free solution for those who cannot afford to pay or do not require additional services. For users requiring customization, training or technical support, OpenCBS charges very reasonable rates. Contrary to other software providers, OpenCBS does not take users hostage, but rather works with them as partners: they are involved in the design of the technical roadmap, they are welcome to suggest improvements and are encouraged to team up together in order to share development costs. By offering an affordable and simple platform that allows institutions to provide financial services in a transparent and efficient manner, OpenCBS contributes actively to financial inclusion and Responsible Finance.

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